Pan roasted spiny lobster with roast vegetables and herbs. The tail is split open revealing the meat.

A taste of the Caribbean

You’re sitting in your office cubicle staring at your computer screen
when your mind instead starts to drift towards the Caribbean. You
envision sparkling blue waters of seemingly endless depths,
colorful fish darting in and out of pink coral, white sand beaches
and platters of fresh seafood and festive tropical drinks. Your office
cubicle daydream has given you a taste of freedom.
A poolside band of Junkanoo performers dressed in yellow feathery costumes.

Exotic Entertainment

Welcome to Kafe Kalik, where we redefine dining with “Eatertainment”. Experience the pulse of the Bahamas – a fusion of Junkanoo extravagance, vibrant exotic dancers, tropical bands, and gravity-defying limbo. More than a meal, it’s a Bahamian celebration in every bite!

Filet mignon topped with bleu cheese crumbles, served with roasted peppers and yuca fries on a white plate.

Where Comfort Meets Spice

Embark on a culinary journey at Kafe Kalik and enjoy a fusion of traditional Bahamian favorites with a modern twist. From sizzling appetizers to mouthwatering entrees, every bite is a delightful blend of local herbs, exotic spices, and contemporary flair. Let your taste buds dance to the rhythm.

A diverse young group of friends celebrate reaching their hands to the sun

Explore Our Locations

Experience the vibrant atmosphere and tropical feel at our locations. Visit us in Fort Lauderdale or Nassau for a taste of the Caribbean. Relax in our tropical bar, enjoy delicious cuisine, and embrace the island spirit. Discover the charm of Kafe Kalik and make lasting memories with us!